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We offer a user-friendly TCAD tool, called ECORCE, that facilitates the work of radiation engineers, implementing smart physical models for TID, TNID and SEE.

ECORCE TCAD allows to study component sensitivity to TID/SEE, to perform component failures analysis, to understand confusing experiments interpretation, to validate new devices qualification, to compute heat diffusion mapping or to train radiation staff.

  • Fast: new devices modeling in a few minutes
  • Dynamic Mesh generator: Operator-independent results
  • Automatic extraction of physical parameters from experimental results SET, SEU, SEB, SEL, SEGR: Interfaced with SRIM
  • State of the art physical model: Si, SiO2 and SiC
  • TID: Dynamic of trap creation, capture, recombination
    and thermal reemission of charges in insulators
  • Friendly Graphical User Interface
  • Mixed-mode and GDS import
  • Affordable

ECORCE TCAD - Diode modeling

Calculate I=f(V) characteristic of a diode. Shows how easy it is to use ECORCE.

ECORCE TCAD - Ion Definition

SRIM Compatible

The ions profiles are taken into account according to files generated by SRIM. Thus, the definition of the ions is done in a few clicks.

Physical Equations

Actually, ECORCE integrates 1D and 2D modelling of:

- Poisson Equation (electrostatic)
- Heat equation
- Transport Equation for Electrons and Holes
- Trapping-Untrapping Equations


ECORCE TCAD - Nuclear reaction

The neutron impact generates 2 ions, He and Mg. The mesh is adjusted along the modelling to take into account changes in potential and carriers densities.

ECORCE TCAD - Modeling of Total Ionizing Dose

Display the shift of the Id=f(Vgs) characteristics of an academic N-MOSFET, after 100 krad, then after 400K annealing.


For ECORCE's beginners. Shows how to create a N-mosfet model and calculate the threshold voltage, OFF current and maximum transconductance.

ECORCE TCAD - N-MOS 20nm 30krad

For ECORCE's beginners. Shows how to model a dose rate with ECORCE and gives a first view of dose effects on N-MOSFET.

ECORCE TCAD - Interface Geant4

Highlight ECORCE capability to handle complex particle profile created by Geant4. The dynamic mesh of ECORCE is mandatory for this.


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