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Publications about ECORCE

ECORCE: A TCAD tool for total ionizing dose and single event effect modeling
A Michez, S Dhombres, J Boch - IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2015 -

Dynamic mesh for TCAD modeling with ECORCE
A Michez, J Boch, A Touboul… - Journal of Physics …, 2016 -

TCAD prediction of dose effects on MOSFETs with ECORCE
A Michez, J Boch, J Dardié, F Wrobel… - 2017 17th European …, 2017 -

Etude expérimentale et modélisation des phénomènes de cellules fragilisées dans les DRAM en environnement radiative.
TH Nguyen - 2021 -

TCAD simulations of leakage currents induced by SDRAM single-event cell degradation
A Rodriguez, F Wrobel, A Michez… - 2016 16th European …, 2016 -

TCAD simulation of radiation-induced leakage current in 1T1C SDRAM
HT Nguyen, A Rodriguez, F Wrobel, A Michez… - Microelectronics …, 2018 - Elsevier

Impact of electrical stress and neutron irradiation on reliability of silicon carbide power MOSFET
K Niskanen, AD Touboul… - IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2020 -

Total ionizing dose effect in LDMOS oxides and devices
T Borel, S Furic, E Leduc, A Michez… - IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2019 -

Single Event Latchup: temperature effects, design parameters effects and mechanisms
S Guagliardo - 2021 -

Neutron-induced failure dependence on reverse gate voltage for SiC power MOSFETs in atmospheric environment
K Niskanen, RC Germanicus, A Michez… - IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2021 -

Predictive tools and" Radiation Hardening By Design"(RHBD)-SEL and Temperature Effects
Ygor Quadros de Aguiar - 2021 -

Thermal runaway in SiC Schottky barrier diodes caused by heavy ions
S Kuboyama, E Mizuta, Y Nakada… - IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2019 -

Gate grounded n-MOS sensibility to ionizing dose
T Borel, A Michez, S Furic, E Leduc… - 2018 18th European …, 2018 -

Study of synergistic effects in integrated circuits subjected to ionizing and neutral radiation in space
T Borel - 2018 -

Investigation of single event effects observed in SiC-SBDs
Y Nakada, E Mizuta, S Kuboyama, H Shindou -

Modeling dose effects in electronics devices: Dose and temperature dependence of power MOSFET
A Michez, J Boch, S Dhombres, F Saigné… - Microelectronics …, 2013 - Elsevier

Single-event radiation effects in silicon carbide power MOSFETs
C Martinella - JYU dissertations, 2021 -

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